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Making companies more diverse, inclusive and equitable


Your Strategic Partners in Diversity and Inclusion

Strasity is a full-service diversity and inclusion consulting firm based in Canada dedicated to helping organizations maximize business outcomes through close partnership, education and strategic design of transformative systems. 

Aligned with your objectives and passionate about your success, we deliver approachable diversity and inclusion solutions with a personal touch. 

What makes us different?

We are more than HR consultants; we become an extension of your team. Our focus is to support companies who recognize diversity as a competitive advantage and require the expertise to walk with them on the journey of making their organizations equitable and a place where everyone thrives. 

Committed to Change

Our education, experience and values are rooted in diversity and inclusion as we actively strive to create systems of equity for our clients. Organizations work with us because of our track record to achieve their objectives and strengthen business outcomes.

Our Values


Being human is great! We value and respect all the things that make us different. We celebrate and invite different perspectives to the table.


We believe in success through partnership. When you partner with us, your desired objectives become our desired objectives.


We believe in creating a psychologically safe space where individuals feel accepted, and where they can be their authentic selves.


We invite you to have open and honest conversations with us so that our custom strategies can produce optimal results.


Our customers are first priority. We recognize how important your business is to you and we echo that in our efforts to create organizational change that works for you.

Need some help?

Aren’t certain of what you need or don’t see what you are looking for? Feel free to book a consultation with us, where we can further discuss how we can address your current gaps. 

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