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Empower your Clients with Tailored DEI Training

Our Channel Partners program is crafted for organizations aiming to empower their clients in enhancing their Diversity, Inclusion, Belonging, and Equity (DIBE) training capabilities. By becoming a Channel Partner, organizations can refer their clients in need of DIBE training to our consultants, granting them access to our comprehensive training materials and tailored training solutions. 

By partnering with Strasity, organizations gain the ability to service their clientbase at a larger capacity while elevating their clients’ people operations with impactful DIBE training and education strategies. Learn more about joining our Channel Partners program today.

Is This Right For You?

Our Channel Partners program is ideal for organizations who…

Are in the People Industry

HR consultancies, corporate training service providers, and HR software companies and other organizations within the people industry.

Are In Need of DEI Training

Organizations whose clientbase are in need of DEI training and education.

Have a Gap in DEI Expertise

Organizations currently lacking the DEI expertise requested by their clients, but are seeking to expand their offerings with a team of DIBE experts.

Places Clients First

Teams that prioritize collaboration and partnership to guarantee a seamless experience for their clients.

How it Works

Strasity takes a personalized approach to ensure that the proposed training and education strategy is impactful and relevant, driving meaningful change within organizations.

Refer Your Clients
Our consultants will connect with your clients to understand their objectives, requirements and current strategy gaps.
Develop the Training Plan
Clients will have access to Strasity’s library of training topics and content that will be tailored to create their training and education solutions.
Implement Training and Education
Strasity, along with our team of experienced speakers, will deliver engaging and impactful workshops aimed to empower inclusive workplaces and allyship.
Earn a Channel Partner Fee
Strasity offers a fee to Channel Partners for client referrals, acknowledging and rewarding the partnership.

Need some help?

Aren’t certain if the Channel Partners program is right for you? Feel free to book a consultation with us, where we can further discuss how we can address your current gaps. 

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