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Creating strategic organizational change

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DIBE Strategy & Analysis

Creating an equitable organization built on inclusive values requires a strategic approach that is thoughtfully designed and planned to support the outcomes of your business.  Although training and education is necessary, it must be coupled with moving the dial within all internal systems.

Our diversity and inclusion consultants will meet you wherever you are on your DEI journey, and deliver a practical and approachable plan aligned to your business objectives that fosters Diversity, Inclusion, Belonging and Equity (DIBE).

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Diversity and Inclusion is not about ticking boxes.

Our tailored strategies ensure that DIBE become forces for success across all aspects of our clients’ organization.

Increased employee engagement and satisfaction

Leaders are more confident to speak towards DNI topics and issues

Improved candidate experience in the recruitment process

Enhanced employee perception of the organization.

How we will support you

Your Priorities, Our Partnership: Cultivating Diversity and Inclusion through tailored consulting and a customized solution.

Business Objectives
We engage with leaders and stakeholders in an exercise that will identify gaps through the organization and understand business objectives.
We conduct a systematic internal audit using quantitative and qualitative measures to have a 360 view of the organization including it’s systems and people.
Change Strategy
By working with leaders and stakeholders, we produce a strategic roadmap with deliverables that touch upon aspects of DIBE and aligns with your business priorities.
Help your organization implement your roadmap through a phased approach to achieve growth and improvement in the short and long-term.
Measure and Support
Measure KPI’s and support progress, as we align the leadership and organization to the strategy.
Dibe Analysis Vs. Dibe Strategy

Which Solution is For You

Both our consulting services will deliver a diversity and inclusion roadmap and action plan to navigate your DEI journey.

Our DIBE Analysis is suited for organizations looking for direction and guidance to strengthen their current efforts. They have the resources to implement their change strategy with their internal team.

A DIBE Strategy is a long-term project ideal for companies seeking comprehensive support. They may not have the full internal resources and benefit from expert guidance to create and begin implementing their change strategy.

DIBE Analysis DIBE Strategy
Business Objectives
Change Strategy
Measure and Support

Need some help?

Aren’t certain of what you need or don’t see what you are looking for? Feel free to book a consultation with us, where we can further discuss how we can address your current gaps. 

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