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Equipping you with the knowledge to succeed

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Trained for success

Relevant knowledge through tangible examples

Our education training and workshops ensure executives, management and staff are trained with relevant content to improve performance outcomes. We support awareness, teach through tangible examples, and create actionable tasks for continuous improvement.

We work closely with companies to create tailored training programs that address their current diversity and inclusion gaps and priorities. Consult with our team today on education services that will elevate your organization’s commitment to DIBE.

Celebrate Black Excellence

Black History Month Workshops

Celebrate the Now, Shape the Future: Championing Black Excellence in the Workplace. Join us for an interactive workshop celebrating the rich heritage and enduring impact of Black communities while recognizing the ongoing excellence that Black individuals contribute to our world. Our workshops can be tailored to suit your organization's needs.

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What we offer

We offer a variety of education training and workshops to support equity and inclusion.

Diversity and Inclusive Training

A company-wide education/training session to enhance employee understanding of equity and inclusion in the workplace, and the opportunities and challenges that a diverse workplace presents.

Inclusive Leadership Workshop

For organizational leaders, this workshop is designed to support working across cross cultural teams and manage diverse perspectives within the group.

Cultural Competence Workshop

The objective is for leaders to be more mindful of cultural sensitivities and understand how to create an equitable workforce when managing individuals with different dimensions of diversity.

Cultural Awareness Training

A company-wide training session, designed to equip team members with the knowledge and skills to improve cultural intelligence to enhance inclusion and equity in the workplace.

Anti-Racism and Discrimination Workshop

The Anti-Racism education session focuses on addressing systemic inequities faced by marginalized employees with the primary goal of deconstructing barriers to create an equitable workforce.

Equitable Recruitment Training

A session outlining key strategies intersecting diversity and talent acquisition to support improving the talent pipelines to attract candidates from diverse backgrounds.

Executive Coaching

One-on-one coaching with a Senior D&I Consultant, where the Executive will receive direction, guidance and education on diversity, inclusion, belonging and equity topics.

Recorded Modules

For customers with an LMS and are looking to add diversity, inclusion, belonging and equity educational resources to their system whether in the form of tailored videos and recordings, content (i.e. assessment questions) or both.

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